Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy October! A new menu for Tuesday, October 9

Happy October!

Next week, I will deliver on Tuesday, October 9. So many among you will have a different schedule because of the Monday holiday, that it just makes sense to go back to Tuesday delivery this time.

Please place orders by the end of the night on Sunday night, for delivery on Tuesday, October 9. Orders may be placed by emailing me at rathercraftymary at gmail dot com.

This week we get to celebrate World Teachers' Day on Friday the 5th. Happy Day to all you teachers out there! In your honor, we've got some delicious local apples on this new menu.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Much love,
Chef Mary



Mushroom Noodle Soup! Made with homemade shiitake mushroom broth, sauteed crimini mushrooms, and GF brown rice pasta, of course! $9


Three Sisters Platter. Almost every Native American tribe tells a variation of the story of the Three Sisters: Tall Corn reaches for the golden sun, and provides support for Bean. Bean nourishes the soil, feeding her sisters. Squash's broad leaves shade and protect her sisters' roots in the soil. Made from lots of local veggies, of course! $12

Local Potatoes Stuffed with Butternut Squash, with cultured cashew creme to dip. My favorite variation on a seasonal treat: twice-baked potatoes! $11

Southwestern Black Bean Dip with crunchy veggies. Everyone loves this dip! $10


Banana buckwheat chocolate chip muffins! Everyone's favorite! $10 half dozen, $18 dozen

Cinnamon Maple Almond Butter spread, with dried local apples to dip. All raw except the touch of maple, of course. Apples contain just a touch of honey to help prevent oxidation. $9


Please inform me before ordering if you have any allergies or sensitivities. At Rather Crafty, we do not use any meat, dairy, or egg ingredients. We do not use peanut, soy, wheat, or other gluten-containing ingredients.

We do use a lot of fresh fruits and veggies, local and/or organic when possible. We also use tree nuts, seeds, beans, and non-gluten-containing grains; also organic when possible. We occasionally use ethically produced honey, but because some people choose not to use honey it is marked on the menu. The following is not a comprehensive list of ingredients, so please do remind me if I have forgotten to include your dietary sensitivity or path.

The Soup, Three Sisters, Stuffed Potatoes, and Bean Dip each contain a small amount of garlic.
Cashew Creme that accompanies the Stuffed Potato plate can be omitted.
Muffins contain chocolate; may be omitted on request.
Almond butter contains nuts, of course! Apples contain a small amount of honey. This dish is 95% raw. Almonds are soaked and dehydrated, of course.
Stuffed Potatoes, Bean Dip, and Almond Butter are all grain-free. Muffins are made with 100% buckwheat flour.

Thank you all so much, and I look forward to cooking for you soon!

Much love,
Chef Mary

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