Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Events and Special Requests!

Did you know that in addition to delivering awesome food from my menu on Tuesdays, I also take special requests? I do!

If you need help with an event, or if you would like a special treat for yourself or a loved one, email me and we can set something up! In the Rather Crafty kitchen, everything is gluten free, vegan, and super awesome. As you know, I am super careful about food allergies and special diets, but most of my clients have no special dietary requirements at all and just love delicious food!

I am always happy to deliver; but I can also come to your home and cook and bake for you, with you, or even with your kids! I can do any level of vegetarian cooking and even work with gluten in your home, so there's a lot more flexibility that way.

I also work for a larger company that does personal chef and catering work. At Cuisine en Locale, everything is 100% local and amazing! I work on the vegevore end of things, but we have some amazing omnivorous chefs on our team too! I know some of you out there in Crafty Land love my cooking but don't necessarily follow a vegan lifestyle all the time. We have plenty of options for you too! My work with CeL is not gluten free though, so it's not for the most sensitive of bellies.

At CeL we cater amazing parties, large and small. We also deliver prepared food shares. Kind of like a farm share, but with the food already cooked and ready to enjoy! The omnivores deliver their shares on Tuesdays, and we vegevores deliver ours on Thursdays.

You can email me with any questions or requests at rathercraftymary@gmail.com

You can check out the CeL blog at http://www.cuisineenlocale.com/blog . Sometimes you'll find weekly menus there, so you can get an idea of our style.

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