Saturday, June 30, 2012

5th Annual SEMAP Farm to Table event with Cuisine en Locale

Last night I worked a fantastic event with my other job at Cuisine en Locale. (It was neither gluten free nor vegan, but it was an amazing all-local event held on a local farm!)

My team made a beautiful hot pot soup. We filled bowls with bean sprouts, cucumber, cilantro, mint, tiny corn shoots, and colorful nasturtiums, then at the table the servers ladled on a broth I made with the regular veggies and herbs plus pea shells and dashi kombu for an exotic flair. Yes, even the kelp was local, from the south coast of Maine!

Hot Pot Veggies

We also served a pilaf of triticale, yellow eye beans, fresh veggies, and lots of herbs. We served it over massaged young kale with parsley, then it was paired with a brisket made by another team.

Pilaf of Triticale, Yellow Eye Beans, Carrots, and Kohlrabi with the freshest garlic ever and lots of vibrant fresh herbs!

We worked with three other teams of chefs to create a fantastic menu and pull off an amazing event. Another dish that came out really well was Chef Dave's English Pea Ravioli, served with a roasted beet, semi-preserved lemon, and some lightly dressed pea greens.

English Pea Ravioli with Beets and Preserved Lemon

A great time was had by all, and we look forward to doing it again next year!

In the meantime, if you missed us (and are able to consume dairy, eggs, and gluten) we are always doing ONCE a week Vegevore shares, delivered to you on Thursdays!

And of course, in my own dedicated vegan, gluten free, allergy-friendly kitchen, I'm always delivering something different every Tuesday. (Except next week, July 3, when I will be on vacation.)

(Now on to the burning question on everyone's minds: But Chef Mary, with all your sensitivities and being a vegan and all, what did YOU eat? Well, I started the day with a big green smoothie to keep me energized throughout the day, then I had a whole bunch of tomatoes and cucumbers with my raw sprouted sunflower seed hummus. Later, I had raw spiralized zucchini "pasta" with spinach and salad greens and a sauce based on this one: but I made it without the soy-ful Bragg's Aminos. I also tasted one of the desserts made by one of the other teams - a strawberry soup! I had it without the non-vegan garnish, of course. I also feasted on microgreens and herbs supplied by the farm that hosted the event, Silverbrook Farm in Acushnet, MA. DELICIOUS!)

My zucchini, spinach, cucumbers, and tomatoes were all from our friends at Stillman's Family Farms. I'll be heading out to see them again this afternoon, at the JP farmers' market. You can also find them today in Cambridge, at the Morse School and in various locations during the week too!

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