Thursday, July 12, 2012

A gorgeous new menu is here! For delivery Tuesday, July 17

Happy Summer, everyone!

It seems like the weather just gets lovelier and lovelier this time of year. And the local produce is amazing! If you can't get to the farmers market, don't worry! I've got you covered with LOTS of fantastic fresh produce. Giving a shout-out to our friends the Stillmans this week, who grow a lot of what we love best here in Crafty Land. I had the opportunity to visit their farms a few weeks ago and see everything getting all ramped up for summer, and it was really amazing!

And a shout-out to my parents, who have been married (to each other!) for 44 years today! Happy anniversary, you crazy kids!

Please place orders through Sunday night for delivery to greater Boston on Tuesday, July 17. Thank you!

And without further ado, here is an amazing, inspired, colorful, fresh, hot-off-the-laptop menu, just for you! Enjoy!

Chef Mary



Early Summer Gazpacho! Here's the greatest thing about this awesome raw soup: it adapts itself so well to all the phases of summer. Right now, there are lots of local cucumbers, and some varieties of tomatoes are already quite ripe and fantastic! Later in the summer, as all the great capsicums come in, we'll go a little heavier on the peppers, and we'll see different tomato varieties come in too. It's all about balancing with the seasons! $9
Gazpacho-to-be (okay, I actually took this picture last year, but isn't it pretty?)


African-inspired Sweet Potato and Cashew Stew! Warmly spicy, but not super hot, Aleppo pepper lends an authentic and lovely note to this stew of veggies and beans, with a touch of smooth cashew butter and crunchy cashews on top to round it all out. Served with millet. $12
African sweet potato and cashew stew

Curried Bean Dip! Everyone loves a good bean dip, and what's not to love? Caramelized onions, warm curry spices, and a side of cool and crunchy veggies for dipping! (A raw, bean-free, cashew version is available for a dollar extra.) $10

Seasonal Antipasti! There are too many amazing things in season right now not to feature a whole lot of them all together! What will appear on this plate? That depends on this week's bountiful harvest, but I might stuff some cucumbers with dried tomatoes, stuff some zucchini with herbs, marinate some green beans, and who knows what else will turn up? All I know is it will be amazing, and inspired by local produce and Mediterranean flavors. (Raw version available.) $12
Antipasti, including baked stuffed zucchini, salad of haricots verts and almond, beet and fresh corn salad, spicy stuffed dates, and lemon cucumbers with a sun dried tomato and cashew stuffing. Topped off with fresh red currants!

Potato and Fennel Salad! The first of the local potatoes are here! I am so excited about this! I'll simmer them up and combine them with some lovely fresh fennel, and dress it all up with a honey mustard vinaigrette made with some amazing local, sustainably harvested, raw honey! Surrounded by fresh greens and topped with protein and nutrient rich almonds, this is the quintessential summer lunch! $11
Local potato and fennel salad


Zucchini-Walnut Muffins! Oh my goodness the local zucchini are amazing right now, and so versatile! $10 half dozen, $18 dozen

Blueberry Crisp! I know, we just had another crisp not long ago, but the blueberries are too amazing to let another week go by without blueberry crisp! With a dollop of agave-vanilla cashew creme on the side. (Raw version available.) $10

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with Chocolate Chip Scones! Inspired by a recent special birthday request, I got a hankering for some of my famous chocolatey spread and so I'm offering it on the menu this week! (Chocolate free version and raw version both available on request, as are a la carte dip or scones - prices by request.) $10


Please let me know if you have any allergies or sensitivities at all! I do not use any meat or meat-derived ingredients, including fish and shellfish. I do not use dairy or egg ingredients. I do not use soy, peanut, wheat, or any gluten-containing ingredients. When I use honey as an ingredient I like to let you know, as in the dressing for the potato salad; so that people who choose not to use honey (or who have infants who can't yet eat it safely) can make the most informed decisions possible!

I do use as many fresh, local and/or organic ingredients as I possibly can, and I support other small, local businesses!

If you are sensitive to anything, please let me know! Below is a list of a few of the sensitivities I know some of you experience, but it's not an exhaustive ingredient list so please remind me.

RAW: Choose gazpacho, and raw versions of curry dip, antipasti, crisp, and chocolate hazelnut dessert.
GARLIC: Present in the gazpacho. There's a little in the entrees but it's either thoroughly cooked or negotiable; just let me know. There's none in the bakery goods.
NUTS and SEEDS: None in gazpacho. Cashews and beans in the stew. Beans in the dip, but no nuts unless you choose the raw version, which contains cashews but no beans. I can do the potato salad without the nuts, leaving them off altogether or substituting pumpkin seeds. There will be nuts and possibly green beans in the antipasti; it's going to be a semi-improvised dish and nut-sensitive folks may choose to skip it altogether. There are almonds in the crisp, but cashew creme can be omitted. Walnuts and flax in the muffins. Hazelnuts in the hazelnut dip; a bit of cashew in the scones. Chocolate can be omitted from both scones and spread for rich vanilla flavor instead.
SCD/GRAIN FREE: Choose the gazpacho. Choose dip if you tolerate beans, raw version of the dip if you don't. Choose stew, omitting the millet. If you tolerate beans, great, but I can actually leave out beans from a portion of the stew if you avoid them too. I can do a grain-free version of the antipasti easily. Potato salad is great if you tolerate potatoes. If you tolerate buckwheat, you might enjoy the raw version of the crisp which contains no true grains but does contain sprouted buckwheat. You may love the raw cacao cracker with the chocolate dip instead of the scone, or you can get the chocolate dip a la carte and use it with fruit instead!
ACD: Choose the soup and any of the entrees, using your own judgment about how you tolerate potatoes. Let me know if you are following an ACD path so I make sure the only vinegar I use on your dish is the raw apple cider vinegar, and so I can make modifications to the antipasti if necessary.

Thank you all so much for your continued business! I look forward to seeing you very soon!

Much love,
Chef Mary

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