Thursday, August 9, 2012

Happy August, everyone!

We are well into the season for zucchini and other summer squashes, plus juicy cucumbers, and even heirloom tomatoes. I picked up the first local broccoli of the summer today, and assorted stone fruit to experiment with for future recipes. I am so excited!

This coming week, the schedule is changing! I am in the process of adjusting my schedule so that I can have your food to you on Monday mornings from now on. So this menu will be delivered not on Tuesday afternoon, but instead on Monday morning, August 13. Please let me know if you have any specific time constraints, or if your Monday location going forward will be different from what your Tuesday location has been.

Because of the new schedule change, it will help to get orders in by Saturday night, if possible. As always, orders are a la carte - order as much or as little as makes sense for you this week, and I will be happy to bring it right to your home, office, or classroom (within a sensible delivery area, of course.) If Monday is absolutely impossible for you, I may be able to stop by Tuesday or another day, by special arrangement. And of course, feel free to inquire about special orders at any time!

Thank you so much! I look forward to cooking for all of you very soon!

Much love,
Chef Mary



Creamy local zucchini soup. With seasonal herbs, finished with a dollop of cashew creme. Yes, an all-raw version will be available on request. $9
Zucchini and Herb Soup! This variation with Cilantro.

Quinoa salad. All sorts of fresh, local veggies, with everyone's favorite pseudograin, in a Dijon balsamic vinaigrette. Topped off with crunchy pepitas. Yes, an all-raw version with just veggies and seeds will be available on request. $12
 Farm Fresh Veggies!

Slow-roasted local heirloom tomatoes and farmers market veggies, served over delicious gluten free pasta. Topped with a protein-packed crumble of selenium-rich Brazil nuts and nutritional yeast. Yes, an all-raw version with kelp noodles and raw veggies will be available on request. $12
Chioggia Beets
 Tuscan style white bean dip with herbs. Served with crunchy fresh veggies to dip! $10


Banana buckwheat chocolate chip muffins. Everyone's favorite! $10 half dozen, $18 dozen

Original style granola balls: cranberries, raisins, nuts, seeds, almond butter, gluten free oats, spices, and general amazingness. Crunchy, chewy, delicious! $9


Please inform me before ordering if you have any sensitivities or allergies. Rather Crafty does not use any meat, egg, or dairy ingredients. We do not use wheat or any other gluten-containing ingredients. We do not use peanuts, soy, or any ingredients that contain them. For our safety and yours, we never even have those ingredients in the kitchen. We use only vegan ingredients, with the addition of ethically produced honey from real farmers who take good care of their hives, and the bees who choose to live in them. Any time I plan to use honey in a specific recipe, I let you know so you can make an informed choice!

We DO use lots of fresh, nutritious fruits and veggies - local and/or organic when possible. (Stillman Family Farms is our favorite source for Conscientiously Grown produce.) We also use (organic when possible; most are unfortunately not local) beans, nuts, seeds, and non-gluten-producing grains and pseudograins.

Below is a rundown of additional sensitivities I'm aware of in our midst. It is not a comprehensive ingredients list, of course, so please let me know about your sensitivities. Ask me anything!

SOUP: Cashew may be eliminated on request. My homemade veggie broth contains a small amount of cooked garlic. Additional garlic may be eliminated on request.
DIP: Contains beans. Garlic may be eliminated on request.
PASTA: Brazil nuts and nutritional yeast may be eliminated on request. GF pasta is made from brown rice. Raw kelp noodles are made from sea vegetables.
QUINOA SALAD: Pepitas and garlic may be eliminated on request.
MUFFINS: Contain flax and bananas. Chocolate may be eliminated on request.
GRANOLA BALLS: Contain almonds and sunflower seeds. Oats are certified gluten free.
RAW: Choose raw versions of soup, salad, and pasta.
SCD/GRAIN FREE: Choose soup (raw or cooked,) raw version of pasta, raw version of salad, and also bean dip if you tolerate beans.
ACD: All the savories are great choices - I can certainly dress the quinoa salad with a vinaigrette of raw apple cider vinegar on request, if balsamic vinegar is not tolerated.
Mint filled chocolate frogs! Who couldn't use a little more silliness, really?
Mint Frogs!
Almiond butter brownies and almond filled chocolate cups!
A care package to make anyone feel better!
A birthday special order idea - a dozen cupcakes, a dozen scones, and some Chocolate Hazelnut Spread! (I can do special orders without chocolate too, I suppose...)

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