Thursday, August 23, 2012

Your favorite personal chef offers a new menu! For delivery to Boston and Beyond, Monday, August 27

Ah, August! What bounty the farmers markets offer us this month!

This lovely menu will be ready to deliver the morning of Monday, August 27. It helps to have orders in Saturday night, but I'll do my best to fill orders that trickle in all day Sunday too! Order by emailing rathercraftymary at gmail dot com.

Looking forward to seeing you Monday!

Much Love,
Chef Mary

P.S. Did you know that Sunday, August 26 is Women's Equality Day? It's the anniversary of the day back in 1920 that the 19th Amendment was passed, granting women the right to vote. Hooray!



Roasted Beet Soup. Serve it hot or cold, depending on how you feel - it's great either way! Fresh and vibrant, and such an amazing shade of fuchsia. $9


South Asian inspired burrito wraps! A delicious fusion of Eastern and Western influences. I'll take my hand-rolled gluten free flour tortillas and stuff them with coconut infused long grain brown rice, chili and herb infused beans with a splash of local favorite Alex's Ugly Sauce, and farmer's market veg du jour. I'll serve them up with a thick, gingery peach chutney on the side to dip. (Contains a small amount of honey.) You will love them! $12

Baked Beans with Veg du Jour! The best picnic fare, also perfect for a mini-getaway when you're stuck having lunch at your desk. Served with a pumpkin corn muffin on the side to round it all out. $11
Baked beans and some lovely veggies. This week's rendition will come with plenty of fresh local green veggies!

Millet Tabbouli! Tabbouli, tabbouleh, delicious any way you spell it! The traditional middle eastern grain salad gets a gluten free update with lovely golden millet. Fresh parsley, lemon, cucumber, and heirloom tomatoes take it to a whole new level. High protein hemp seeds boost the nutrition even more! (Yes, I will make an all-raw, all-hemp-and-veggie version on request.) $12
Some gorgeous local veggies, ready to become your lunch!


Pumpkin Corn Muffins $10 half dozen, $18 dozen

Chocolate Hazelnut Spread with Chocolate Chip Scones! (Chocolate free version available on request. Dip is raw; raw cacao and buckwheat crackers available instead of baked scones on request. Also available: dip or scones or crackers a la carte. A la carte prices by request.) $10
Oh my goodness do I love this stuff.


Please inform me before ordering if you have any allergies or sensitivities. I do NOT use meat, dairy, or egg ingredients. I do not use wheat or other gluten ingredients. I do not use soy or peanut ingredients. I do not even keep them in my kitchen.

I DO use fresh veggies and fruits, local and/or organic when possible. I use nuts, seeds, beans, and non-gluten grains, also organic when possible. I use healthy oils in reasonable amounts, mostly extra virgin olive oil. I strive to accommodate individual sensitivities and preferences when I can, but please note that tree nuts and seeds are used in my kitchen so there is a possibility of cross-contact with those ingredients. I occasionally use gently and respectfully harvested honey, but I know not everyone chooses to use honey so I try to let you know so you can make an informed decision.

The following is not a comprehensive ingredients list, but is a guide to help the very sensitive make informed decisions. Please still remind me of your sensitivities when you order. Thanks!

SOUP: Contains cashews; can be omitted on request. Contains a small amount of cooked garlic.
TABBOULI: Contains a small amount of raw garlic; can be omitted on request. No nuts; contains hemp seeds.
BURRITO: Contains cooked garlic. Alex's Ugly Sauce contains a small amount of honey. Homemade peach chutney also contains a small amount of honey. No nuts.
BAKED BEANS: Small amount of cooked garlic.
HAZELNUT SPREAD: Contains nuts and chocolate. Can make it cinnamon-vanilla instead of chocolate, on request. Scones contain cashew; can be made without chocolate on request. Raw Cacao crackers (raw alternative to scones) contain sprouted buckwheat, flax, raw cacao, and truly raw cashews.
MUFFINS: Contain corn, flaxseed, and nut milk.

Special dietary paths:

RAW: Choose raw version of tabbouli, and chocolate spread with raw crackers.
ACD: Choose soup, tabbouli, and the burritos if you tolerate grains.
SCD/GRAIN FREE: Choose soup, raw version of tabbouli, baked beans if you tolerate beans (omit muffin or give it to a friend,) and chocolate hazelnut spread a la carte. (Raw cacao crackers contain buckwheat, a pseudograin, not a true grain - choose those if you tolerate buckwheat.)

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