Friday, November 16, 2012

A Crafty Thanksgiving Menu for Tuesday, 11/20

Happy Thanksgiving!

That's right, next Thursday is Thanksgiving Day!

Some of you will spend it with family, some with friends, and some will choose a quieter evening. I'm told that some folks even watch parades or football games on TV. Holidays bring their own challenges though - sometimes a holiday buffet offers few choices for the sensitive. Some of you are vegetarian or vegan. Some need help finding something that's gluten-free or soy-free. And of course some of you just want a hand with delicious veggie dishes that you could serve as sides or mains!

Well, here in CraftyLand, I've got some great dishes to help you out! All could serve as mains, sides, or food for days other than the holiday itself. Bring a few to a potluck, and save a few for yourself. Some dishes are particularly Thanksgiving-y, and others are versatile enough to enjoy any day of the year.

This week I will be delivering on Tuesday, November 20. Why Tuesday? Well, many of you will be travelling Tuesday or Wednesday, so I want to get your food to you as early as possible. But I also want to make sure it's fresh and awesome for your big meal on Thursday. Tuesday just makes sense this week.

If you have a different location or schedule on Tuesday (for example, you're leaving for the airport at 3 so want to make sure your food is in your hands earlier) let me know and we'll work something out.

Thanks, and I look forward to helping you have a fantastic and relaxed Thanksgiving!

Much love,
Chef Mary



Broccoli potato soup! A lovely green, this mostly-pureed soup is richly flavored, nutritious, and surprisingly creamy, even without dairy or nuts. $9


Pumpkin salad! Fresh greens topped with roasted sunshine squash and maple-cayenne walnuts. With a balsamic dressing on the side. My favorite! $12

Boston baked beans are the official state bean of Massachusetts! The ever-popular, slow-simmered beans, served with veg du jour and a sweet potato corn muffin. $11

Carnival squash stuffed with mushrooms, wild rice, and local sage. A sophisticated main or side for your festive table. Served with some of my delicious mushroom gravy on the side.  $13

Just groovy mushroom gravy. How often do you get to enjoy a vegan, gluten free gravy that is even better than the traditional kind? 100% homemade, including the veggie-mushroom broth. $9/ pint


Sweet potato corn muffins! Will they keep well until Thursday? Yes! These muffins stay fresh and the flavors develop for days. So get extra for the Thanksgiving table, and for breakfast the next morning! $10 half dozen, $18 dozen.

Pear and apple crisp, with a crunchy topping of gluten free oats and warming spices. With cinnamon vanilla cashew creme on the side. $9


Please inform me (or remind me) if you have any allergies or sensitivities. Everything is free of dairy, egg, meat, soy, peanut, wheat, and gluten ingredients. Below is a helpful guide to choosing with sensitivities, but is not a comprehensive ingredients list.

Soup does not contain nuts. It contains a little garlic. Broth also contains some garlic and onion.
Pumpkin salad contains walnuts. I can put them on the side if you like, or substitute pumpkin seeds. Dressing contains balsamic vinegar. No alliums.
Baked beans contain a small amount of fully cooked onion and garlic.
Stuffed squash contains some cooked onion, but not a whole lot. Gravy contains cashews, but it's on the side. Both contain mushrooms.
Muffins contain cornmeal. No nuts.
Crisp contains almonds. Cashew creme contains cashews.

ACD: There's some brown sugar in the baked beans. There's balsamic vinegar and just a splash of maple in the salad dressing. Nuts on salad contain maple. Salad with pumpkin seeds instead of nuts is a great ACD choice, if you tolerate balsamico. Soup is an excellent choice. If you tolerate cooked mushrooms, then the squash is a great choice too. Baked goods are naturally a little sweeter; crisp moreso than muffins.

Grain-free: Choose soup, pumpkin salad, and baked beans without the muffin.

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