Sunday, July 10, 2011

Beautiful Vegan Menu for delivery on Tuesday, July 12

Good morning!

It is going to be another beautiful day, I can feel it!

Here it is! The menu for Tuesday, July 12! It's a good one.

I know some of you only read the menus from work so I will accept orders through Monday morning, but the sooner the better! Please order my emailing

If you would like to see the menus as SOON as they are ready, you can email me and I will add you to the list! Sometimes I don't manage to get it up to the blog right away...

Thank you all so much, and enjoy what remains of the weekend!

Much love,

Chef Mary
Delivering to Boston, Cambridge, and surroundings



Cauliflower and Potato. Great hot or cold! $6


What could be more summery than Potato Salad? Delicious Golden Potatoes with Herbs and Veggies in a Light Vinaigrette, over Tender Greens. $9

Green hummus! A delicious departure from the original, with Broccoli, Zucchini, and a hint of cumin all blended right in. With crunchy veggies to dip. $9

Herbed Amaranth with Lightly Steamed Broccoli and Pecans $10

Roasted Eggplant Pizza! With Herbs, Garlic, and Love. $10

Collard Burrito Wraps: Raw Walnut Pate, rolled up in Collard Greens. With Fresh Pineapple Salsa! $11


Cherry Crisp! It's Cherry Season! Hooray! $7

Banana Buckwheat Chocolate Chip Muffins $9 half dozen, $16 dozen


As always, most ingredients are certified organic. I try to use local ingredients whenever I can.

Everything I make for you is vegan, healthy, and delicious! Because it is all vegan, it is naturally free of common allergens fish, shellfish, eggs, and dairy. I never use wheat or other gluten ingredients. When I use oats, they are always certified GF. I also never use soy or peanuts. I DO use nuts and seeds in some recipes, but can leave them out of most if you prefer. If you have any kind of allergy or sensitivity, please let me know!

Please return the reusable jars and containers when you are done with them. It helps reduce waste, and helps to keep prices reasonable.

Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing you soon!

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