Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year's Menu of Vegan Awesomeness! For delivery to greater Boston Tuesday 1/3/2012!

Happy 2012!

Do you have some healthy new year's resolutions, or is this just a new
calendar for you? Have you resolved to eat more healthy, nourishing
vegetables? To give yourself a break, maybe a little more me-time? To
make the time to get to the gym more often? I can help you with all
your healthy resolutions! Let me cook for you, and you'll have a
healthy, nourishing meal. And with all the time you save, you can hit
the gym and relax knowing the food is already done!

Every individual, family, and culture has different traditions for the
new year. When I was little, my family had beans and cabbage to
symbolize luck and prosperity in the new year. Many cultures consider
beans lucky, so there are plenty of beans this week! Many folks also
consider rice lucky, so that's represented well this week too. The
color gold is considered lucky in many cultures, so the squash soup is
gold, as is the kurikinton (Japanese yam and sweet chestnut puree with
delicate golden saffron) in the bento. In researching this menu, I
learned that the Dutch eat donuts for luck in the new year. We don't
do a whole lot of deep frying here in Craftyland, but we will have
much healthier donut-inspired jammy muffins instead!

Please place orders by Sunday night, January 1 at midnight for
delivery on Tuesday, January 3.

Happy happy new year, and I look forward to seeing you all very soon!

Much Love,
Chef Mary



Local Butternut Squash Soup $8


Jamaican Rice and Peas! Not what we would usually call peas in the
U.S., this dish is red beans and rice, cooked with coconut milk and
spices. Yum! with Veg du Jour. $10

New Year's Bento! Inspired by the truly extravagant Osechi Ryori
traditionally served at New Year's in Japan, this somewhat simpler but
still elegant bento will feature Kurikinton, Black Beans, Lotus Root,
and other seasonal dishes! $12

By popular request, Millet with Saucy Mushrooms! Made with homemade
shiitake mushroom broth, crimini mushrooms, and plenty of love. With
Veg du Jour. $11

Braised Local Cabbage with Caraway, Apples and Beans, over Brown Rice.
As far as I'm concerned, this is the ultimate comfort feast! $10


Jammy Muffins! Kind of like a jelly donut, but so much better for you!
$10 half dozen, $18 dozen

Daifuku Mochi! Heavenly pieces of mochi, filled with a sophisticated
white bean and date filling. Yum! $10


Please let me know if you have any food allergies or sensitivities at
all. As always, everything you find here is naturally vegan, and
therefore free of animal-based allergens. (I know some vegans avoid
honey entirely; let me know if you are among them. I am the sort who
uses honey occasionally, but I respect the opposite perspective!
There's nothing containing honey this week.) I don't use peanuts or
soy at all. I don't use wheat, or any other gluten-containing grains.
I do use all-natural ingredients - fresh vegetables and fruits, whole
grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. I use local and/or organic
ingredients whenever I can, and I'm learning every week about more
ways to keep it local, even through the winter months!

Please return containers after you are finished with them. Reusing
clean containers helps keep costs reasonable, and it helps us all to
walk more lightly on the Earth!

Thank you so much for your continued business! Feel free to pass this
info along to friends, co-workers, and neighbors who might be
interested in a little help getting lunch or dinner on the table!

Much love from your personal chef,


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