Friday, December 2, 2011

Wonderful new vegan menu of awesomeness! For delivery to greater Boston Tuesday 12/6.

Happy Friday, and Happy December!

I have a great new menu to share with you, but first, some news!

I will continue delivering on Tuesdays, and I encourage you to spread
the word to all your family, friends, classmates, and neighbors! There
is room for more clients on our wonderfully growing Tuesday roster!
But Fridays have been a little slow, so I am going to phase out Friday
deliveries for a little while. I am sorry if this inconveniences

I will definitely continue delivering on Tuesdays! I will also deliver
for special events and occasions, and by special arrangement, so
please keep me in mind if something comes up and you need some awesome
food for an event or on the fly!

I will still be able to work with you on all kinds of parties. I can
deliver food in advance of an event, I can do bake-your-own-cake
parties with kids, and I can do cooking lesson parties with adults!

But for at least a little while, all of the regular, non-party magic
will happen on Tuesdays.

And now, I have a wonderful menu for you, for delivery on Tuesday,
December 6! In parts of Europe (and in the family I grew up in) Saint
Nicholas Day is celebrated on December 6. Children leave their shoes
by their doors the night before, and Saint Nicholas leaves them small
gifts of chocolate, or little toys. Thursday of next week is my
birthday, and the birthday of at least one more of you out in Crafty
Land, so I will also be reprising some of our favorite dishes! It's a
time of celebration!

Enjoy, and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

Much love,

Chef Mary



Italian white bean soup with local greens! $6


Nori Rolls filled with Raw Carrot Ginger Pate and Spinach $10

Medley of Roasted Local Squashes and Root Veggies! With Greens du Jour. $11

Raw Sprouted Sunflower Seed Hummus with Crunchy Veggies to Dip! The
classic returns! $9

Black Forbidden Rice Salad, with Almonds and Satsuma Tangerines! $11

Quinoa and Vegan Cheezy Sauce (made from cashews and veggies) with
Local Veg du Jour $10


Chocolate Almond Butter Cups! They may look like certain candies you had
as a child, but they are peanut free and oh-so-much-better! $6 for a trio

Date and Walnut Muffins! Spiced cakes with fruits and nuts are a
delicious Saint Nicholas Day tradition. $10 half dozen, $18 dozen

Gingerbread Cake! I have been thinking a lot about what kind of cake
to make for my birthday. While chocolate is always tempting, I kept
finding myself thinking about a spicy, moist, molassessey gingerbread.
I wanted it to be not-too-sweet, sweetened only with molasses and a
kiss of agave nectar. I wanted to use only whole grain buckwheat
flour, which is one of my favorites. So I developed this recipe! I
made a prototype this morning and I was rather pleased with the
results. It's not fancy, it's not fussy, it's just delicious! $6


Please place orders for Tuesday delivery by midnight on Sunday night.
Even if you're late though, I can often accommodate you - so don't be
shy! It never hurts to ask.

As always, everything is vegan, healthy, and made without peanuts,
soy, or gluten ingredients.

I do use tree nuts, seeds, non-gluten whole grains, and all sorts of
fruits and veggies - local and/or organic when possible. If you are
allergic or sensitive to anything at all, please just let me know! If
you have a question about any ingredients at all, please ask!

I always appreciate it when you return containers, and Mother Earth
appreciates it too!

Thanks, and I look forward to feeding you soon!

Much love,
Your favorite personal chef, Mary

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