Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy birthday to the trees! Delectable new menu for Tuesday, 2/7

Happy Thursday everyone!

Now that you have all your preparations in place for the Super Bowl, it's time to think about next week!

Next Tuesday night there is a Jewish holiday called Tu B'Shevat. While I was not raised Jewish, I do love to celebrate the holidays. There are so many, and they all have their own wonderful food traditions! Tu B'Shevat is the symbolic birthday of trees, and of the Tree of Life in particular. I love that trees get their own birthday celebration!

For this holiday, It is traditional to enjoy nuts, grains, and fruits, especially dried fruits. You may have noticed that I adore fruits and nuts, so this makes me very happy! This week's menu contains a few items celebrating Tu B'Shevat, and a few other items just for fun. Enjoy!

Please place orders by Sunday night for delivery on Tuesday, February 7. Email orders to Thank you very much!

Much love,
Chef Mary



Curried Carrot Almond Soup. $8


Sunshine Millet: Warming millet with squash and dried apricots, and veg du jour. $10

Caesar Salad Wraps: Lettuce, sprouts, and carrots wrapped up in sheets of nori, with delicious cheezy cashews. A mostly-raw, all vegan, cashew-based caesar dressing is on the side. $11

Antipasto Salad: An assortment of Mediterranean meze, including stuffed dates, roasted local veggies, and other delights! $12

Tamale Pie! A very American reinterpretation of some classic Mexican flavors. It's red bean chili, with corn bread baked on top. $11


Fig Molasses Muffins $10 half dozen, $18 dozen

Flourless Orange Almond Cake. Moist, dense, and delicious. $8


As always, everything is delicious, vegan, made from real ingredients, and good for you. I do not use soy, peanut, wheat, or any gluten ingredients. I do use
certified organic and/or local nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits, and veggies. If you are allergic or sensitive to anything, please let me know!

I always appreciate it when you bring back the reusable containers and jars. It helps reduce our consumption of plastic and glass (and it
helps keep prices reasonable!)

Have a beautiful day!


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