Thursday, June 14, 2012

The yummiest new menu! For delivery to Greater Boston on Tuesday, 6/19

Hello everyone, and happy Flag Day!

It is a gorgeous day outside, and it looks like we'll have a break from the rain for a little while. Next week, it may even get up into the low eighties! This coming Sunday is Father's Day. Happy Father's Day to those of you who are dads!

I've got a fantastic new menu for you to enjoy for next week. I'm so excited, and I hope you are too!

Please try to order by the end of Sunday night, June 17 for delivery on Tuesday, June 19. Thanks so much, and I look forward to cooking for you soon!

Much love,
Chef Mary

P.S. Have you checked out the special dietary needs section below the menu? Those with sensitive family members, or who eat all raw, or who avoid nuts or grains, or just about anything else should check it out! If I have missed your particular sensitivity, do let me know and I'll start to include it too!



Silky smooth pureed mushroom soup! Just a touch of cashew creme makes it extra amazing (can be omitted for the cashew sensitive.) $8


Primavera Pasta Salad! Featuring an assortment of fresh farmer's market goodies, getting all cozy with gluten free whole grain pasta and a sprinkling of crunchy pine nuts, all in a light and lemony creamy cashew dressing. (Yes, an all-raw variation will be available by request! Nut allergic folks, read below.) $13

Trio: Carrot Ginger, Beet and Herb, and Traditional Potato Latkes; with a trio of dips to accompany them: curried cashew creme, tzatziki and stewed apples! $12

Red Thai Curry! Oh my goodness! Plenty of fresh veggies in a red Thai curry sauce over brown rice, topped with toasty sunflower seeds. Be warned: this will be a little spicy and super delicious! Earnest is especially excited about this one. $11

Roasted Garlic Bean Dip, with Za'atar spiced cracker breads to dip. A little exotic, not too hot, and full of yum! (I easily can sub crunchy veg instead of crackers on request.) $10


Strawberry Muffins! Our friends the Stillmans have been growing the most amazing strawberries! I promise not to eat all of them, so they can star in these awesome muffins. Yay! $10 half dozen, $18 dozen

Mint Chocolate Frogs! Harry Potter fans will especially appreciate these peppermint-filled chocolate critters. $9

Pumpkin seed and raisin cookie balls! A chewy, nut-free raw treat. $8


Whenever possible, ingredients are organic and/or local. If you have a question about a dish or an ingredient, please ask!

All dishes are vegan, so they are naturally free of common allergens fish, shellfish, dairy, and egg. I do not use soy, peanuts, wheat, or other gluten containing grains. I DO use tree nuts and seeds, and naturally gluten free whole grains. I am extremely careful about cross-contamination of potentially allergenic ingredients! If you have any kind of allergy or sensitivity, please let me know before ordering!


NUTS AND SEEDS: Cashews can be omitted from the soup on request. Cashews are present in two of the sauces for the latkes; I can leave them off on request. Cashews and pine nuts are present in primavera; I can leave them off and top with pepitas instead on request. Sunflower seeds are present on Thai red curry but I can leave them off and sub pepitas on request. Bean dip and crackers are nut free. I plan to make the Za'atar seasoning with sesame but I can make you some crackers without it OR sub crunchy veggies instead of crackers altogether! Muffins will contain nut milk and coconut flour. Mint frogs are nut free! The filling does contain some coconut, which is a fruit, not a nut! Raisin pepita balls are totally nut free - the only seeds are the pumpkin seeds themselves.

CHOCOLATE: Chocolate mint frogs are the only item to look out for!

GARLIC: Skip the garlic bean dip if you are sensitive to garlic! There's a little garlic in the soup and the curry, and a very tiny bit in two of the dips that accompany the latkes.

RAW: Pumpkin seed raisin balls are raw. Mint frogs can be made all raw on request. Primavera pasta salad can easily be all raw, subbing either veggie ribbons or kelp noodles instead of regular noodles! Two of the sauces for the latkes are raw (the curried cashew cream and the tzatziki) and I can make either one into a salad/slaw easily.

ACD: If you are sensitive to mushrooms, you might skip the soup. Muffins and mint frogs are sweet; use judgement. Raisin pumpkin seed balls are sweetened only with fruit. Everything else is a great choice!

SCD/Grain free: Choose the mushroom soup, mint frogs, and raisin pumpkin seed balls, and modifications of other dishes too! Raw version of pasta salad is an excellent choice. Thai red curry is grain free if you skip the rice and have it over spinach instead. Bean dip is grain free and just as yummy with crunchy veg instead of crackers!

See you soon!

Chef Mary

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